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If you are starting a landscape project in Dublin, CA and you searched for a Landscape Architect then you’re starting in the right place. You probably already understand that a landscape design that is very specific and detailed when developed by a designer that has been trained to consider architectural style, micro climates for plants, irrigation design for water efficiency, drainage and many other details that are left off of most residential landscape plans, has a much greater value than the cost of the plans.

When you work with a Landscape Architect the expertise and breadth of understanding can help you avoid the common mistakes most homeowners make when hiring a landscape designer or working with a design/build company. In Dublin, CA most of the homes are newer and because it is easy for any company to identify where these homes are, they attract a lot of companies that don’t get referrals or are from out of the area. They sell mainly based on price because that is the easiest way to get a new homeowner to hire them. This is a game they are going to win and is short-sighted for a homeowner.

Most of the plans they develop are vague or abbreviated and poorly thought out so the homeowner has no way of knowing what they are agreeing to in detail and nothing clear to hold the contractor accountable to. It also doesn’t allow the homeowner to get competitive bids to know if they are getting a good deal. This leaves the homeowner in a position to be taken advantage of and over-charged.

Working with a Landscape Architect in your new or older Dublin, CA home gives you control over the process with the help of your designer.

The look and feel, the budget, without being sold things you don’t need, matching them to the architecture and your unique site are a few of the things that only a Landscape Architect is trained at the deepest level to do. The outcome of any project is only as good as the thought that goes into it. If you are going to spend $30,000 or more then you can easily justify the expense of a Landscape Architect to protect and maximize that investment.

Jeff Wortham & Associates has been doing residential Landscape Architecture for over 25 years in Dublin, CA and the surrounding area. We are also licensed landscape contractors although we no longer build the work, our plans are practical and we fully understand how to design with the benefit of knowing what works and how. We can also help you get the project installed by high quality contractors from this area. For more information on our work please check out the rest of our website, then call us to discuss your project at the number below. We look forward to your call.

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