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If you live in Lafayette, CA you probably own an older home or have a newer home that was built on an older property. If you are looking at doing a new landscape project it is probably a remodel of an older one. Many of our clients in Lafayette have done a recent remodel on their home and now they want the landscape to be updated to better match the home. We have been working in Lafayette, CA for over 25 years and that has been the primary project type we have worked on. We have done over 500 remodels in Lafayette, CA and the surrounding area.

A common question is, ‘Do I really need a Landscape Architect?’ The answer is, if you are going to spend over $30,000 on your project it is a good idea to work with a Landscape Architect. The cost of mistakes over that price point makes the cost of a well-trained designer in all parts of your project a no brainer. The benefits of a Landscape Architects training and how that translates in a design add far more value.

If you work with a landscape designer that is not a trained Landscape Architect, state law prohibits them from doing a drainage plan, irrigation plan or construction details that the contractor will need to give you accurate pricing in advance and give you a way to hold them accountable to high standards for their work. This means you can’t get apples to apples bids and it leaves room for add-ons.

More importantly, space design, plant design and overall integration of architectural style, personal taste, budget and how they fit with your site are all things that Landscape Architects have the deepest level of training in.

This is how you get a design you love that last for many years to come. The quality of your finished landscape project is only as good as the thinking that goes into it.
Another important consideration is the Landscape Architect’s understanding of construction. Landscape design is part visual but much of it is functional. The better they understand how things are built, the better their design and the pieces of the design will function. This gives you a design that has fewer problems to fix and last much longer.

If you have read this far then I would invite you to check out more of our website and the work we have done. Also, check out The Design section. This shows you our design process step by step. If our design approach resonates with you or you have questions please call us and we can discuss your project and how we can help get you to a finished landscape you truly love. We look forward to speaking to you soon.

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