Landscape Architect for Ruby Hill, Pleasanton, CA

Most of the homes in Ruby Hill are between 10-20 years old. As current and elegant as the community is there are a lot of homes in dire need of updating and refreshing of their landscaping. Renovating an existing plant design or entirely reworking the backyard to personalize the space for your lifestyle, are projects that can create a strong personal connection to your home.
Landscape Architects are uniquely qualified to help you with this kind of project. Our training in integrating both landscape and architecture are incredibly important in homes with distinct architectural character like those in Ruby Hill.

Outdoor space design is another important area of understanding that is often overlooked in larger homes. Prior to redesign, most of the remodels we have done in Ruby Hill lacked an understanding of space layout. Good space design can create intimacy for a family of four while making it expandable for a party of twenty. This seemingly small distinction is the difference in between spaces that you look forward to spending time in and those you rarely use.

Drive through Ruby Hill and you will notice that the typical plant design in the front yards is full of hedging and lawn with little other interest or color, especially in Winter. A strong plant design with year around color can make a space visually come alive. All of your backyard spaces feel much more inviting when they are balanced with beautiful plant design.

If either of the above statements about your existing landscape resonate, and you are ready for a change, we can help. We focus on your specific needs and desires to create a solution that is highly personalized. The homeowners we work with in Ruby Hill are highly discerning in their taste and yet, want to see the value in all of the choices they make.

With amenities like outdoor kitchens, pavilions, fireplaces and swimming pools these projects can be very expensive. We work with you on budget as well to make sure that whatever changes you decide to make are ones that make financial sense.

If you are a Ruby Hill homeowner that bought an existing home and you haven’t been through the landscape design process in Ruby Hill then it helps to work with a Landscape Architect with experience in remodeling in Ruby Hill. We are local Landscape Architects in Pleasanton, CA for over 15 years. While we worked on homes in Ruby Hill when they were new, our larger percentage of our work over 25 years has been on remodeling in Ruby Hill and the east bay. This gives us a lot of experience in seeing what works, and just as importantly, what doesn’t. We also have a background in Landscape Contracting. Although we no longer build our projects we act as your agent to assure that the design ideas are being built as designed. We also offer Project Management for those who are too busy to deal with the day-to-day grind of questions and decisions that are part of more complex projects.

If you would like to discuss your ideas about an upcoming landscape project please give us a call. Sometimes you just need some preliminary questions answered to get a direction set without being sold. We’re happy to help however we can. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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