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Orinda, California is a very unique area for a residential Landscape Architect to work in. Most of the areas are hilly, which creates a challenge for designing flat, useable spaces while solving other issues such as drainage. These challenges are the very reason why homeowners need the expertise of a Landscape Architect versus a landscape designer.

The lack of training and understanding for a designer leaves the homeowner exposed to a number of potential problems. Many homeowners don’t know the differences between a Landscape Architect and a landscape designer so I will share some.

Landscape Architects cannot use the title unless licensed by the state of California. To get licensed you must have 6 years of experience and education combined, in Landscape Architecture before taking the exam. You can call yourself a landscape designer without any standard to meet. There is a certificate one can get with two years experience, which involves submitting 3 plans with plant design and photos.

Landscape Architects are trained in construction detailing, irrigation, drainage, site planning, grading and drainage, topography, plant design and architectural style and how to relate the landscape design to the architecture. A landscape designer has no standards for any of these and is not allowed to do most of them.

As you can see, the differences are major. The difference to you is competency for the type of project you have.

If yours involves anything more than plant design then you are better served by a Landscape Architect. The town of Orinda, CA also has very stringent requirements for things requiring permits, such as large grading projects, walls, arbors, and some drainage situations. Understanding how to solve the problems as well as interact with the city is also part of what a good Landscape Architect can help you with that designers aren’t allowed to do.

Hopefully this is new information for you. I have provided it so you can make an informed decision on who can best serve your needs for your landscape design project. There aren’t many residential Landscape Architects so most of what you will find may not meet your needs. We have been working in Orinda, CA for over 25 years and are licensed Landscape Architects with contracting experience as well. We are entirely focused on residential projects and have done over 500 remodels in this area. I invite you to explore more of our website. If you find our approach resonates with you please call us and we can discuss how we can help you with your project. We look forward to your call.

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