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If you live in Pleasanton, CA and are starting a landscape project you may be asking yourself if you should hire a Landscape Architect and whether you need to spend the money on someone like that. It’s a common question for homeowners that often aren’t sure of the benefits. You are likely looking at remodeling an existing landscape given there aren’t a lot of new homes in Pleasanton, CA. We are residential Landscape Architects in Pleasanton, CA and I have lived in Pleasanton for over 18 years while raising my children. We design both new construction and remodels and have done over 900 designs in the past 25+ years.

Some of the reasons you would want to use a Landscape Architect focused solely on residential design include:

Very detailed plans that a contractor needs to give you accurate pricing he can stand behind through the completion of the job.

Clear details and specifications for the contractor, the city and your HOA if you have one, so there is accountability, high standards and you avoid surprises during construction.

The understanding of a Landscape Architect on how to integrate your design ideas and desires into a well composed plan that considers everything relating to architectural style, personal taste, budget, climate for plants, water efficient irrigation design that last, drainage, structure design, space design and pool design to name a few.

Someone with an understanding of all facets of the landscape design and construction process acting as your agent, from beginning to end, to assure your interest are served.

We aren’t just Landscape Architects, we are part of the Pleasanton, CA community. We understand the difference between a Ruby Hills home and one in Birdland or Castlewood. Whether you have a large, complex project or a modest one here in Pleasanton, CA we can help you with your specific needs to personalize a design that you’ll love for years to come. For more information, enjoy our website, then call us to discuss next steps. We look forward to your call.

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