Ruby Hill Landscape Design, Pleasanton, CA

Ruby Hill is an exclusive, gated community on the border of Pleasanton and Livermore, CA. If you are a resident of Ruby Hill you enjoy the tasteful elegance of a community unlike any other in the east bay.

Lifestyle is likely important to you and your family. Whether you’re a family of four with younger children, or an empty nest executive you’ll value getting the most out of your home inside and out. If you’re researching Landscape Design for your Ruby Hill home you are probably remodeling an existing landscape. Most of the community is ten years or older at this point and homeowners are already making significant changes to their homes and landscaping.

The most common reason our clients make these changes is the desire to personalize their homes. They are usually the second or third owner so there are elements in the current design that don’t work for how they live and what they value. This is where we excel at helping our clients personalize the style, look and functionality. Our strengths are in space design and plant design. Being Landscape Architects with over 700 projects and 25 years experience in this area gives us the level of design expertise that Ruby Hill homeowners expect and appreciate.

Understanding architectural styles, personal needs and desires, complex site conditions, construction parameters, and how to put it all together in an elegant and functional Landscape Design solution is a complex process. This is where experience in construction and training in Landscape Architecture payoff for our clients. We work with you from design through construction to make sure your landscape contractor executes the project as planned. We also have excellent contractors we can recommend to build the project.

Because these projects can be quite complex we offer project management. This allows you to do what you do best while we manage the day-to-day scheduling, progress and the numerous issues that come up as part of these projects.

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