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If you live in San Ramon, CA and are looking for a Landscape Architect, this is probably not your first landscape project. We have found that most of the homeowners that come to us looking only at Landscape Architects have already learned the hard lesson of doing a landscape project with vague or no plans. They have learned how little control they had over the process and how the cost they thought they had agreed to rarely staid where it started.

The complexity of Landscape Design for today’s lifestyle has created a high demand for strong planning and design understanding that only comes with a Landscape Architect. The cost of the mistakes created by little or no planning or by inexperienced or undertrained designers has made the value of a Landscape Architect even more apparent than before.

The truth is, most homeowners ask me what the differences are between a landscape designer, design/build company and a Landscape Architect. There are a lot of differences but the most meaningful ones are:

Landscape Architects create complete, detailed, specific plans that allow for apples to apples bidding and accountability during construction. This protects the client while giving a valid price comparison between contractors.

Landscape Architects are being paid by the homeowner to act on their behalf while creating the design. They aren’t trying to sell anything so they can be objective about cost and value engineering the design.

Landscape Architects are educated about many different parts of landscape design and how to best integrate it with the setting, the architecture, client’s taste and needs and give the detail to make sure it all works. Other designers aren’t, which leaves room for cost over-runs, misunderstandings and low quality.

San Ramon, CA is largely newer homes. These homes are highly regulated by one of the toughest city agencies in the east bay. Another benefit of an experienced Landscape Architect is the ability to meet the requirements of the city as well as any HOAs to help the homeowner through the process.

Jeff Wortham and Associates has been serving San Ramon, CA for over 25 years doing residential Landscape Architecture. If you would like to learn more about how we could help you with your landscape project call today and ask to talk to Jeff. We look forward to your call.

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