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Don’t bother going anywhere else. Jeff has made our backyard a thing of wonder. Jeff is easy going and is willing to do anything it takes to get the job done the way YOU want it. Many others will tell what you cannot do. If you can dream it and its reasonable Jeff will most likely make it happen. I could go on and on about just how great he has been. He has made an otherwise stressful project easy for us. Even when we wanted to make a few last minute changes Jeff made it work. He will also direct you to the best landscaping crews in the Bay Area. We used John Reidel and he is as great as Jeff.


Courtesy and respect are a thing most people forget these days. Jeff does not forget and nor does John. Jeff is a stand up guy with a great eye for the little things as well as the big things. I strongly recommend Jeff. Don’t even waste your time interviewing anyone else. Five Star all the way. Thanks Jeff.

Tony & Nancy Washmera Concord,CA March 20, 2015

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As the original owner of our home the backyard landscape and hardscape was – dated, tired and worn. We wanted to completely redo the look and open it up. We envisioned the look to be such that when you stepped outside you felt like you had just walked out and into a resort. We knew that we needed someone who did quality work and not high volume landscape planning/design. By checking with – suppliers, contractors and customers there was one name that rose to the top – Jeff Wortham & Associates. Jeff is a true professional that “listened intently”! He then meticulously set out to show us options and direction that made sense for our home. There were a few pre-existing hardscape conditions that Jeff’s plan and design made it look like it was all part of the original project. As the landscape is now growing out it becomes more warm and inviting every day. It looks fabulous whether you are on the inside looking out, or on the outside sitting in this lush and inviting environment.

Jeff’s landscape selection is one that provides us with warm and lush colors and textures “year-round”. The waterwall that he designed as the focal point has a subtle flow of water over the stone surface. It has a calming almost medicinal effect when you sit by it. Jeff delivered on everything that we asked for and more for our project. It would be our recommendation that you stop searching for a landscape architect and have Jeff design and plan your project.

Rick & Connie S. 
Pleasanton, CA March 20, 2015

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If you are looking for a landscape architect designer, proceed immediately to Jeff Wortham’s website, http://jeffwortham.com. It will speak volumes of his abilities and knowledge. 

Yelp is a perfect forum for us to laud our unconditional praises about Jeff and our beautiful landscaped backyard and home front. Of all the designers we interviewed, he was the only one who was able to take our thoughts and translate them into a vision. He works with quality landscape and construction companies and remains participatory throughout the entire process including choosing designing elements and coming on-site to ensure that his landscape plans are exactly executed. Our sincerest thanks to Jeff for a magnificent job.

Carol and Sid Pleasanton, CA March 20, 2015

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Jeff’s flexibility and expertise have truly made him the sub-contractor of choice among the seven used throughout this project. (retaining wall, pool re-model,solar panels, concrete, landscape contractor, electrical.) His initial appointment went very smooth. He listened when my wife and I expressed ourselves and then efficiently created a design that we fell in love with.


The bids for project construction came in all over the map. After reviewing the figures and visiting several other completed projects with Jeff, we retained the lowest bid contractor, with Jeff also being enlisted to supervise the project as needed. This insured that the designed plans were adhered to. (with great savings).


Jeff’s construction experience and advice to both myself and the contractor were of great value throughout the project. His “hands-on” approach and knowledge through experience, together with always being available when necessary (rain or shine) gives him the “Best Bang For The Buck” award.

T. Alman Alamo, CA March 20, 2015

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